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What our viewers and course users are saying!

Heather Andrews has such a clear way of presenting her topic. Her passion for gardens and gardening really comes through. It is obvious she loves to share her knowledge/experiences. The program she presented for Penn-Cumberland Garden Club via a virtual Zoom meeting was done professionally and flawlessly.  

Susanna Reppert Brill  

President Penn-Cumberland Garden Club

Heather was a bright spot on a gray day and gave us hope for travels in the future to see beautiful gardens!


Webinar Attendee

I was devastated after a severe accident and serious diagnoses that I was no longer able to work. I was trying to find a silver lining by getting back into gardening. Your website and gardening course came along at just the right time and really lifted my spirits. One never knows how what one is doing may affect someone else's life. With so much negativity going on in the country right now, I thought that I'd pass along something positive and let you know how you've touched my life. Thank you, Heather.


Course Attendee

I absolutely loved this course! It was a wheelbarrow-full of exciting ideas and info. The instructor was always kind and receptive to ideas and questions.

Christina D.

Course Attendee

Garden of Distinction Award

Cat-A-Pillar Haven was awarded the Garden of Distinction award in the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society 2020 Gardening Contest!

Naturally controlling Mosquitoes while Preventing “Monarch Massacres”

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How to Support Pollinators With Herbs In Your Garden

Join us as Heather Andrews, The Thoughtful Gardener, and Peggy Riccio, Owner,, an online resource for gardening in the DC metro area, dive into how you can support pollinators with herbs in your garden!

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